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HSU Receives $15,000 Grant for Open Educational Resources Program

Humboldt State University has received a $15,000 grant for it's Open Educational Resources (OER) program which permits free reuse and repurposing of teaching and learning resources.

New Funding for Program that's Saved Students more than $1 Million on Textbooks 

Humboldt State University continues to support affordable learning for students, with new funding from the CSU's Affordable Learning Solutions program. 

CSUB faculty work to lower cost of course materials (5/5/20)

This spring, the Child, Adolescent and Family Studies Department received a $10,000 award made available through AL$ for having the most courses with no- or low-cost textbook adoptions for the 2019-20 academic year. 

Learning Everywhere: Open Educational Resources in the COVID-19 Era (4/9/20)

In these challenging times, the California State University continues to develop ways to reduce students' expenses while maintaining a high-quality education. The CSU's Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) is an innovative program that enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable (and even free) quality educational content for students across the 23 CSU campuses. 


Initiatives Underway for Low-cost, Free Textbooks for California College Students (8/28/19)

... But universities across California, especially in the 23-campus California State University system, have become more transparent about textbooks and more proactive in assigning free, digital or low-cost books to students...


How to Graduate Without Spending a Dime on Books. (8/3/2018)

Faculty across the CSU are making it more affordable to get a degree with the introduction of no-cost digital textbooks and quality educational resources online.

A Free Lunch:  CSU Channel Islands offers the CSU's First Zero Textbook Cost Majors. (2/2018)
Everyone knows: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”  But starting this Fall, there will be such a thing as textbook-free majors at CSU Channel Islands (CI).  And it couldn’t come at a better time for CI’s student body.

Here's how California Campuses are Fixing the Problem of Pricey College Textbooks (2/2018)
Five years after California lawmakers directed the state’s public colleges and universities to bring down college textbook costs, campuses are reporting millions of dollars in savings.


CSU's Affordable Learning Solutions Encourages Use of Open Educational Resources (12/2017)
The California State University is committed to seeking new ways to provide equity in access to free learning materials and remove financial barriers to student success as part of the CSU’s Graduation Initiative 2025

Saving Money with Open Textbooks (8/2017)
Sonoma State Professors are Already Saving Students $180,000 Per Semester with Open Educations Resources — and the Idea is Gaining Momentum

Students Save Millions Each Year Through CSU Affordable Learning Solutions (8/2017)
Cal State University-wide initiative offers a variety of ways for students to save money on textbooks and course materials.

Top Fears Shutting the Door on Open Education (2/2017)
Fear and anxiety can keep many educators from embracing open educational resources and open pedagogy. Here, "open" proponents explain common concerns

The Babson Survey.  Opening the Textbook:  Educational Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2017
Responses from over 2,700 U.S. faculty paint both a "Good news" and a "Bad news" picture for the role of open educational resources (OER) in U.S. higher education.

2017 Facts About the CSU
The California State University promotes student success through opportunity and a high-quality education that prepares students to become leaders in the changing workforce, making the CSU a vital economic engine for California.


OpenStax Ranks the Colleges that Save the Most with Free Textbooks (8/2016)
Rice University News and Media

OpenStax, College Stores Partner for Textbook Customization (3/2016)
OpenStax, the Rice University-backed publisher, is partnering with textbook distributor NACSCORP to get its free textbooks into the hands of more students.


Bad Data Can Lead To Bad Policy: College students don’t spend $1,200+ on textbooks (11/2015)
The average US college student does not spend or budget more than $1,200 for textbooks, with that number rising each year, as commonly reported in the national media. The best data available continues to show that students spend roughly half of that amount, and that number is going down over time, not up.

Affordable Learning at Scale With OER of materials (10/2015)
Open educational resources free students and faculty from the tyranny of the textbook. Here's how to encourage large-scale adoption.

Law Could Ease Textbook Costs at California State University and Community Colleges (10/2015)
Long Beach Press Telegram

Cal State Looks for Cost Savings in Academics (5/2015)
Los Angeles Times

Nation's Largest Free and Low-Cost Textbook Showcase Launches at 13 California State University Libraries
PR Newswire

Open Education Thrives in California Through Massive Collaboration
PR Newswire


For Some Students, Virtual Labs Replace Hands-on Science Experiments (11/2014)
Los Angeles Times

Cal State University Tackles Escalating Textbook Costs (8/2014)
Long Beach Press Telegram

Cal State looks for ways to drive down cost of textbooks (8/2014)
Los Angeles Times

Reports and Presentations

National Association of College Stores Study Shows Continued Decline in Annual Student Spending on Course Materials:
National Association of College Stores’ (NACS) twice-yearly survey of college students in the U.S.

National Association of College Stores:
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Make Textbooks More Affordable:
Student PIRGs Report: Fixing the Broken Textbook Market

CSU Affordable Learning Solutions Initiatives:
CSU Board of Trustees Update

AB 798 and the Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program
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