Adaptive Learning


What Is Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the use of computer software (aka online homework systems) which “adapt” the presentation of the content according to the unique needs of each learner as indicated by their responses to questions, tasks and experiences. As a result, students receive an individualized education experience, so they can achieve measurable learning outcomes and experience learning satisfaction.


Why Use it?

The software algorithms used in adaptive learning software track your students’ learning activities and determine the next step in content based on their response to previous activities embedded in the content. Thus, adaptive courseware is providing customized or individualized learning experiences in addition to content recommendations. In other words, the adaptive learning software is customizing the content and assessment based on the gaps in the content. It also provides ways for the instructor and student to track their progress.

You may consider using adaptive courseware to track how your students are understanding their course content, gain a better understanding of your students’ content comprehension, and improve the effectiveness of your course content.


Example CSU Faculty Using Adaptive Learning Courseware to Support Student Instruction

Biology 152
Christopher Ivey, CSU, Chico uses McGraw Hill LearnSmart. See ePortfolio.

Biology 1
Marina M. Gerson, CSU Stanislaus uses Pearson’s Mastering Biology. See ePortfolio.

Business: Principles of Marketing
Tye Jackson, CSU, Los Angeles uses McGraw Hill LearnSmart. See ePortfolio.

Chemistry I
Jeffrey A. Mack and Linda M. Roberts, CSU Sacramento uses McGraw Hill ALEKS. See ePortfolio.

Math 170: Pre-Calculus
Roy Shahbazian, Santa Ana College uses MyOpenMath. See ePortfolio.

Math: Calculus I
Heather Coughlin, CSU, Stanislaus uses McGraw Hill ALEKS. See ePortfolio.

Math: Business Math 1810
Shirley Yap, CSU, East Bay uses McGraw Hill ALEKS. See ePortfolio.

Math: Business Calculus 115
Florence Newberger, CSU, Long Beach uses McGraw Hill ALEKS. See ePortfolio.

Mechanical Engineering 311
Paul Nissenson, Angela Shih, Henry Xue, Maryam Shafahi, Yitong Zhao, Cal Poly, Pomona uses McGraw Hill Smartbook. See ePortfolio.

Linda M. Roberts, CSU, Sacramento using McGraw Hill LearnSmart. See ePortfolio.


A few Adaptive Learning Options

Includes Content

Add Content

The CSU Affordable Learning Solutions initiative is not only dedicated to providing students with lower cost alternatives to course materials, but also providing affordable ways to take advantage of the latest learning innovations. Adaptive courseware is an important piece of the broader affordable landscape that helps to ensure CSU students have access to every resource that supports enhanced student learning.